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The Mental Wealth Show with Rich Jones

Dec 3, 2021

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Nov 18, 2021

Micah Johnson is a self-taught figurative artist who uses strong gestural lines and loose brush strokes to create dramatic portraits that feature African-American children. Although Micah spent seven years as a professional baseball player, you rarely see reference to his career in any of his works. He sees art as an...

Nov 17, 2021

It's time.

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Nov 4, 2021

Chris Colbert began his career in audio production as an intern and consultant for Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM Radio). While simultaneously earning his degree from Seton Hall University, he helped create Oscar and Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx’s comedy and music channel “The Foxxhole.” Chris founded DCP...

Oct 28, 2021

Happily married for 13 years, Reshawn and Robert of Learn, Hustle, Grow are in search of a more balanced life and prioritize their financial independence. They are real estate investors who also invest in the stock market, they have no consumer debt and have paid off their mortgage after getting serious about their...