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Being All Of You

Jan 31, 2024

If you’re not where you want to be yet


Going through a period of uncertainty or difficulty


Maybe life took an unexpected challenging turn


Or your business doesn’t feel the same as it used to


It can be so easy to fall into being super hard on yourself and think that just because you’re not “succeeding”,...

Jan 24, 2024

Confidence comes from your ability to be with what’s so 🔥


My podcast guest this week is Megan Holly (@meganhollycreates), Branding Photographer + Confidence Coach, and she is dropping truth bombs like that all over our episode. We had a conversation that lit me up so much all about how things in life are...

Jan 17, 2024

Living a more courageous life doesn’t happen in the easy moments.


It happens in the harder, uncomfortable moments where you’re confronted with fear and uncertainty, and have the opportunity to turn inward, ask different questions, and make different choices.


And in the process, you open yourself up to new...

Jan 10, 2024

I spent the last couple months of 2023 in ✨the void✨.


That in-between place where you know a shift is happening but don’t know the next step.


The place between who you were and who you’re becoming.


The place that challenges the part of you grasping for certainty and simultaneously asks you to shed what’s...

Jan 3, 2024

You may have heard the saying: it’s not personal, it’s just business.


This week’s podcast guest, Elle Turner (@elleturner_writer), is here to turn that on its head and remind us all that business IS personal. Elle is a leadership development specialist + guide for heart-led, impact driven entrepreneurs, and we...