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Being All Of You

Apr 24, 2024

At a certain point, overthinking and over-preparing for everything starts to feel less comforting, and more exhausting.


You start to desire a different way where your *readiness* is derived from being able to relax into deep self trust and knowing you can handle whatever comes your way, rather than trying to...

Apr 17, 2024

Ever feel inspired to express yourself through painting or drawing, but then all the thoughts start to flood in…


I’m not a creative person

I don’t know where to start

I’m going to be so bad at this so why bother trying?

I don’t have the time


According to this week’s podcast guest, Shelley Irish, we’re...

Apr 10, 2024

At the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to share more openly about my mental health journey with depression.


And in January, my friend Ashley Strong Smith (@ashleystrongsmith_) invited me onto her podcast, The Living Courageously Podcast, with a courageous invitation to share something about myself I...

Apr 3, 2024

Truth: Knowing yourself and expressing who you are unapologetically is the key to building a successful brand that attracts aligned people into your world.


Also true? Sometimes it can feel like exactly who you are isn’t interesting or magnetic enough. It can be so tempting to do things like create bold,...