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Being All Of You

Feb 21, 2024

What if you actually didn’t need more clarity on what to do next?


What if you just needed to trust yourself more?


Of course every situation has nuance, but what I’ve seen to be true for both myself and many of my coaching clients is that self abandonment can be such a default pattern that you often don’t even recognize when it’s happening.


And deep down, I believe you often have the clarity… it’s just been clouded by continually overriding your inner knowing and taking on other people’s thoughts or opinions over your own.


I also believe it’s so possible to rebuild your self trust and find more peace, more joy, and more groundedness in yourself on the other side.


That’s why this week’s episode of Being All Of You dives deep into:


✨ How self abandonment shows up in your thoughts, decision making, and actions


✨ The self perpetuating cycle of self betrayal, how it further reinforces that you can’t trust yourself, and builds shame and resentment


✨ 3 steps to rebuild your self trust so that you can learn to tune back into your inner guidance, feel steady in your decision making, free up your energy from judgment or self doubt or shame, and feel an overflow of joy and inspired action





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