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Being All Of You

May 22, 2024

It’s cool to feel peaceful for 5 min after meditating.


It’s a whole other level to cultivate grounded inner peace as your baseline for life.


From that baseline, if you need to have a hard conversation, set a boundary with someone you care about, or take action in a way that stretches you, you feel a lot less charged around it and trust yourself to consistently show up for what feels most aligned and expansive to you, without getting wildly thrown off your center every time.


That’s why for my first birthday episode of Being All Of You, I’m riffing on the biggest gift I gave to myself this past year – more peace – and the wisdom I’ve gained from reorienting to a more peaceful way of being.


Tune in to hear how I view peace as a choice and the three biggest factors in my pathway to peace that have allowed me to go from anxious and overwhelmed as my default, to more grounded and connected to myself as I grow in my life and business.



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