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Being All Of You

May 29, 2024

There are defining moments in life where you have a choice:⁣


Do I continue how I’ve been going or do I say yes to the bigger, more expansive vision I have for myself?⁣


The truth is… YOU are the only one who can give yourself permission to go for it.⁣


This week’s podcast guest is Kristin Gutierrez (@kristinthekeynotespeaker), keynote speaker and best-selling author, and she shares the story of her own choice moment where she decided to take responsibility for what she could control in a less than ideal situation, and took action that has allowed her to live into the dream that was on her heart for years.⁣


Join us as we chat about:⁣


✨ Kristin’s journey from climbing the corporate ladder to being unexpectedly let go and how that led to the birth of her business⁣


✨ How to go after what you want, even when people around you are projecting their fears and doubts onto you⁣


✨ Establishing a new normal of resilience and taking action, especially in the face of imposter syndrome⁣


✨ Why we tend to wait for people to give us permission and how to give it to yourself instead⁣


✨ What it means to “fail forward” and how you can use this mentality to get out of your own way and take the next best step (and the next one)⁣




Kristin Gutierrez is one of the most sought-after speakers on leveraging action to combat imposter syndrome. She is a two-time Stevie award winner, bestselling author of “Be A Better Sales Leader”, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and international keynote speaker. She is on a mission to empower leaders to get out of their own way, make an impact, increase outcomes, and lead beyond their roles.⁣


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