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Being All Of You

Jun 5, 2024

Vibe check: what’s your mindset like when you’re thinking about starting something new?


A new hobby that intrigues you

A brand new offer or strategy in your business

A life decision that will shift things for you in a new way


I find that we often stay stuck in our heads and are the most critical towards ourselves when we’re just beginning.


We want to skip the new-ness, get out of the uncomfortability of the uncertain, and just be good at it already or sure of the outcome.


That’s why when I decided to start my podcast a year ago, I made the conscious decision to approach it in a different way, where I didn’t default to self criticism and judgment, but rather made up my own “rules” from the beginning that allowed the process to feel less pressure-filled and a lot more fun.


In this week’s episode of Being All Of You, I’m celebrating the podcast’s 1st birthday (!) by reflecting on and breaking down the 4 specific mindset shifts I made that led to a beautiful year of growth, connection, trust building, self expression, and finding joy in the process.


And if you’re thinking about starting something new, this episode will help you feel more trusting in what’s calling to you, so that you can disarm your inner critic from the beginning, get out of your head, and just start already 😉



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