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Being All Of You

Mar 6, 2024

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly trying to “keep up” in a world that doesn’t align with who you are as an introvert?


Or have found yourself depleted and burnt out alongside trying to reach your goals and know deep down there’s a better, more supportive way if only you could find it?


This week’s podcast guest, Emma-Louise Parkes (@emmalouparkes), Coach for Ambitious Introverts, is here to show us this new way forward. She believes that introversion isn’t about traits like being quiet or awkward… It's about energetic needs ⚡️


If you’re an introvert who doesn’t want to choose between creating success and living a low-energy life, this episode will give you so much permission to reassess, realign, and move forward in a way that sustainably supports your energy for the long-term. We dive into the connection between energy and your mindset, boundaries, and daily practices, and how they can support you in truly “having it all” on your own terms.


Join us as we talk about:


✨ What owning your energy means and how Emma-Louise became aware that this was the key to creating success as an introvert


✨ How your inner dialogue and mind chatter impacts and drains your energy and energetic boundaries you can put in place to support you


✨ Emma-Louise’s personal energetic boundaries that allow her to both own her energy AND show up fully for the people she serves (and that they thank her for!)


✨ Dispelling the myth of having to choose between a thriving career or business and a full energetic battery as an introvert and how it’s so possible for you to have both


✨ Emma-Louise’s advice for becoming more aware of your own energetic needs and building your confidence in saying YES to what you actually need to support your long-term vision



A former air traffic controller turned coach, Emma-Louise knows what it’s like to regulate emotions and bounce back in an immensely stressful position. She self-identifies as an introvert, while simultaneously breaking the mould of what an introvert ‘looks like.’ 


Bringing energy, empathy, focused questions, and an unwavering belief in the power of quiet, Emma-Louise has worked with over 500+ clients and touched the lives of over 80,000 people through her podcast - helping them to Own Their Energy so they can reach their potential.


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