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Being All Of You

Jun 12, 2024

What are you holding onto and not allowing to move through you?⁣


Blame, anger, resentment — whatever you’re holding onto, even if it’s directed towards another person, is still being felt by and carried by YOU every day.⁣


What would your life look like, and FEEL like, if you decided to start letting go of what’s no longer serving you and forgiving other people and yourself in the process?⁣


This week’s podcast guest, Corinne Zuleger, is a Transformation + Healing Strategist, and our conversation around learning to let go of the past, taking responsibility for your own healing, and giving yourself back your own power lit me up in the best way.⁣


Join us as we chat about:⁣


✨ Corinne’s experience of many losses in a short period of time that led to her own self reflection + deciding what she wanted to bring into her present


✨ When your life doesn’t look how you expected and how you can begin to take responsibility for what you want to create in your life⁣


✨ Identifying where you’ve strayed from your authentic self by taking on what other people want or expect of you, and how to reconnect to who you really are⁣


✨ How to forgive yourself and release what you’ve been holding onto, especially if you’re someone who tends to point the blame inward and beat yourself up⁣




Are you tired of being held back by fear, stress, and overwhelm? Do you wake up knowing that you were born for more but can't figure out what that means or how to get there? Do you have something to say, but your true voice is drowned out? If so, embark on a transformative adventure with Corinne Zuleger. She is a magical force who has helped many people and is excited to help you create your BEST healed life!⁣


What sets Corinne Zuleger apart from other coaches is her exceptional ability to ignite lasting transformation and her unwavering commitment to your journey. She has extraordinary gifts as a Transformation and Healing Strategist. Corinne specializes in defeating your deepest pain and fears, providing the essential tools and support to help you break free from the chains of your past into your greatest breakthroughs.⁣


Working with Corinne, a Dual Elite Neuroencoding Specialist, gives you access to revolutionary tools, techniques, and strategies. Imagine a life where fear, stress, and overwhelm no longer control you, and you always default to your best self! You will fully know your worth, your value, and your authentic self.⁣


Corinne is a dynamic professional with 15 years of dedicated service in education within the Seymour Community School District. She has extensive expertise in neuroencoding, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed care, and youth mental health. She is recognized as a One Star Dual Elite Neuroencoding Specialist with Joseph McClendon III and the Neuroencoding Institute, and is a Licensed Brain Trainer under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Amen. Corinne is also a committed teaching partner in Emotional Intelligence and DISC through Empowered Living, a Certified Trauma Practitioner by Starr Commonwealth, and has training in adverse childhood experiences and trauma-informed care from Saint A - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.⁣


Additionally, she is a proud member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and Quantum Leap University life coach specializing in Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP), a method with a success rate exceeding 97%, effectively removing mental and emotional blocks where other methods have failed.⁣


Corinne focuses on healing through forgiveness, self-love, and addressing childhood and generational trauma wounds. She helps heal the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social effects of carrying around this "baggage" in our minds and bodies and ultimately how it all affects our soul.⁣


With a strong background in education, neuroscience, and mental health, Corinne brings a unique blend of expertise to drive positive change in individuals and organizations. She is passionate about unlocking human potential and promoting mental and emotional well-being. Corinne is dedicated to fostering growth, resilience, and well-being in all aspects of life.⁣


Are YOU ready to step up and claim YOUR TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE?⁣


Schedule a call with Corinne and say goodbye to your fears and self-doubt, and hello to a life of limitless possibilities and joyful abundance! The time is now; let's make it happen!⁣


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