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The Wright Report

Feb 29, 2024

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On this unique February 29th edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright delivers an insightful analysis of two major stories shaping the United States and the world. The episode kicks off with a highly anticipated "Battle on the Border," where political titans Donald Trump and Joe Biden are set to converge on the southern US border. Wright outlines five critical aspects to watch as these two figures face off in what promises to be a significant event in American politics. Following this, the podcast takes listeners on a comprehensive tour of updates from previous briefs, starting with political developments in California and Michigan, moving to impactful news from Cuba that could influence US border policy, and diving into the latest on the AI Revolution and China's quest for dominance in humanoid robots. The episode concludes with a serious discussion on the increasing prescription of the weight loss drug Wegovy to America's children, addressing the concerns and implications of this trend.