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Indigenous Medicine Stories: Anishinaabe mshkiki nwii-dbaaddaan

Nov 22, 2023

This episode features Perry McLeod-Shabogesic of the “Crane Clan” is an Ojibway Anishinabe from N’biising (Nipissing) First Nation (NFN). He has been a artist, cartoonist, writer, traditional helper, medicine harvester and cultural resource person in and around his community for many years.  Perry’s spirit name is “Aandzooked”, which means “Teller of sacred stories” in Ojibway.

In this episode, Perry shares stories of Indigenous Medicine from his childhood, finding and picking a plant medicine in the wild that his Grandmother used, and discuss the balance to embrace all medicines, including Indigenous and Western.

Perry McLeod-Shabogesic:

Indigenous Medicine Stories


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