The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Julie McDonald is one of Australia’s most celebrated Swimmers. She’s competed in 2 Commonwealth Games and 2 Olympics. Julie held the Commonwealth Record for the 800m freestyle for 21 years, the longest standing record for any Australian. Join me as Julie talks about her experience competing in the Olympics.

00:46 Exciting Swimming Events Going On
06:00 Is It All About The Gold?
10:10 Going To My First Olympic
13:08 Getting Your Head Into The Right Space
16:47 Olympic Flashback
19:52 Best Swim
22:17 Second Olympic Performance
27:39 Listen To Your Body
28:51 Using Logbooks
30:50 Hardest Week Of Training
34:43 Transition From Athlete to Working
39:51 Positive Mindset Is A Daily Activity
46:27 Consistency

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