The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In today's episode, my guest is Suzanne Nottage. We will talk about the progress in her swimming over the last couple of years. Tune in now!

00:57 Swimming Background
02:10 Joining Ironman
03:28 When Did You Start To Enjoy Swimming?
04:01 Hang Around With The Right People
07:22 5-Day Catch Challenge
10:19 Go Slow Before You Go Quicker
12:44 Two Important Takeaways
14:45 Doing Less VS Doing More
15:40 Timing Of The Kick And The Catch Together
17:33 One-Arm Freestyle Drill
19:02 Big Improvement
21:24 Training Sessions
23:48 Have A Much Better Feel For The Water
25:29 Started the 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course
26:50 Film Yourself

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