The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Join us on today's episode as we interview Flynn Southam, a talented young Australian swimmer who has already achieved remarkable success at the age of 18. He's been in the Commonwealth Games team and won numerous gold medals at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships. We delve into Flynn's unique perspective on technique, exploring the key aspects he focuses on and the mindset he maintains during training and races. Discover the one phrase his coach told him that completely transformed his training approach, turning him into a dedicated and determined athlete. Tune in now!

02:12 Representing Team Australia at a young age
03:13 Australian Team Wins Gold in 4x100m Freestyle Relay at World Champs
07:05 Breakfast with Michael Phelps at the hotel
08:27 Chasing Olympic Dreams: Why Not?
10:22 The Moment Flynn Realized He Could Compete with the Best
11:53 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Making a Comeback
14:46 The Role of Mindset in Achieving Flow State in Competitive Swimming
16:10 Creating Art on Race Day: The Power of Rituals
17:27 Mastering Body Position and Front Catch
22:14 Core and Functional Movement Workouts
24:32 Flynn's Favorite Training Set
27:29 The Power of Anaerobic Conditioning
30:00: The Use of Swim Parachutes for Drag and Resistance Training
34:19 Training with a Great Group of Mates
35:20 Mentoring Young Swimmers: Common Struggles and Advice
41:13 What's Coming Next for Flynn?

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