The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Have you ever wondered what makes certain podcast episodes stand out, becoming favorites among listeners? Join us as we explore the most impactful episodes from this year on the Effortless Swimming Podcast. From overcoming mental barriers to training secrets of Olympic athletes, each episode has left a lasting impression on our listeners. Reflecting on these conversations, we'll uncover the wisdom and experiences shared by our guests and the valuable life lessons they offer. Gain insights into what made these episodes popular and discover the secrets that set them apart from the rest!

00:32 EP #267: How To Adapt Your Stroke For Triathlons with 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed
05:55 EP #272: Swim Softer To Go Faster with Brant Best
10:37 EP #279: How Swimming Instills Lifelong Discipline with Pro Triathlete Joshua Lewis
17:14 EP #286: What It Takes To Win Olympic Gold And Break Worlds Records with Ryan Murph
25:19 EP #278: Using Stroke Rate, DPS and Consistency To Transform Your Swimming with Brian Johns
30:19 EP #263: A Simple Guide To Finding The Cause Of Your Technique Errors (Not Just The Symptom)
32:52 EP #275: Mental Hack for Marginal Mental Gains with Dr Jim Taylor
37:05 EP #288: How Olympians Use Underwater Filming And Analysis with Kyle Chalmers
41:35 EP #276: On A Mission To Complete The Oceans Seven in One Year with Andy Donaldson
44:48 EP #293: Swimming Secrets With 4x Olympian Brent Hayden
50:22 EP #298: Maintaining Your Competitive Edge For Life with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander

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