The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this episode, Carl Reader, an expert in exercise physiology and Pilates, discusses exercises that can improve movement patterns for swimmers. He focuses on the modified squat, which enhances mobility and activates the hip flexors, and the sumo squat, which targets inner thigh muscles and aids in knee stabilization. Carl emphasizes the importance of addressing imbalances and discusses the electrical system of the body. Tune in to learn how to enhance your swimming performance through improved movement patterns.

00:00 Introduction and Background
2:11 Modified Squat
4:53 Using Slant Boards and Rolled Mats for Better Squatting and Hip Flexor Activation
6:29 Sumo Squat
8:15 Understanding the Depth of Squats: Finding Comfort and Avoiding Back Strain
12:55 Common Movement Patterns in Swimmers
16:29 The Importance of Addressing Shoulder Imbalances in Swimming
19:49 Barefoot: Exploring the Connection Between Movement and Grounding
23:03 Muscle Warm-Up and Understanding the Body's Electrical System
24:48 Why patience and dedication are important for building strength and mobility
26:01 Get in touch with Carl!

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