The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Get ready to dive into the world of triathlon with our guest, Clayton Fettell, a former professional triathlete turned full-time coach. With 15 years of racing experience under his belt, Clayton has a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the key lessons he learned at the pro level and how he passes them on to his athletes. Discover the traits and habits that lead to improved speed and technique, and gain insights into Clayton's favorite training sets that he uses to help his athletes excel. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:09 Highlights from Pro Racing Career
07:07 The Impact of Parenthood on Perspective
09:04 Transitioning from Athlete to Coach
13:28 Challenging the Fastest: A 1K Race in Noosa
14:31 Importance of Technical Focus in Swimming
19:07 Recognizing and Addressing Your Own Swimming Weaknesses
22:48 The Impact of Wetsuits on Swimming Performance
25:40 The Need for Technical Emphasis in Triathlon Swimming
30:14 Why is Video Analysis Important For Swim Improvement?
36:21 Tips for Swimming in Choppy Conditions
42:58 Setting Paces and Gauging Effort
48:18 The Calming Effect of Disconnecting: How Technology-Free Swimming Can Improve Results
54:31 The Unconventional Technique of Olympic Champion Runners
58:51 Get in touch with Clayton!

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