The Effortless Swimming Podcast

We have an extraordinary guest, Gerrard Gosens, who is a three-time Paralympian and has an impressive list of accomplishments. From competing in running to representing Australia in triathlon at the Commonwealth Games, Gerrard has proven himself as an exceptional athlete. But his achievements don't stop there. He has climbed Mount Everest, completed a 2000km run from Cairns to Brisbane multiple times, and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

However, what makes Gerrard's story truly remarkable is his current endeavor to become the first blind person to swim across the English Channel. In this episode, Gerrard shares his journey, the training involved, and the importance of teamwork in achieving such a groundbreaking goal. Tune in now!

02:01 Training to be the First Blind Person to Cross the English Channel
05:21 Overcoming Limitations in Different Training Environments
06:57 Swimming Long Distances with Guide Swimmers
08:48 Swimming with a Tether: The Experience and Benefits
12:15 Listening to the Depth of the Water
13:23 Meet the Guides Taking on the UK Swim
14:55 From Running to Swimming: Embracing Solitude in Training
18:44 Focusing on the Journey, Not the Time
19:56 Overcoming the Quandaries of Swim Technique
24:07 Finding the Balance: Training and Time Management
25:36 Using Emotional Carbohydrates
31:52 Jellyfish, Sea Lice, and Stingrays: Unexpected Encounters in the Water
36:52 Lessons Learned Through Sport
39:52 198 Days to Gerrard's English Channel Swim

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