The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In today's episode, triathlon coach and author Joe Friel returns to discuss swimming and open water techniques, as well as his latest edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe addresses common challenges triathletes face when transitioning from pool to open water. He emphasizes the importance of patience in making lasting improvements and offers tips for pool training to enhance open water swimming skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Previous Episode Recap
2:56 Updates in the Book
4:42 Different Methods for Establishing Intensity Zones
8:49 The Role of Rest and Recovery in Athletic Performance
12:54 Debunking Swimming Myths: The Death Move That Kills Your Progress
16:05 The First Step to a Strong Catch
17:51 Reaching Over the Water in Open Water Swimming
22:50 How Open Water Swimmers Adapt to Rough Conditions
25:10 Teaching Open Water Swimming: The Three Key Words
26:40 Why Intervals Might Not Be Effective for Triathletes in the Pool
32:27 Importance of Focusing on Technique and Patience
36:18 Hardest Swim Workout Prescribed
40:34 Empowering Triathletes to Stick to Effective Swimming Methods
42:28 Most Memorable Triathlon Race
45:04 Golf as a Hobby and Lessons Learned
48:12 Problem-solving and Coaching Methodology
50:15 Triathletes Training Bible: A Must-Have Resource for Athletes

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