The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Join us in today's episode as we interview one of the best open water swimmers in the world, Sharon van Rouwendaal. We will delve into her recent double win at the world championships, her intense training regimen, and the mental fortitude that drives her success. She will be sharing insights on her transition from pool to open water swimming, managing injuries, and the importance of technique and kick in her training. Uncover Sharon's unwavering commitment to greatness, and her relentless pursuit of improvement. Tune in now!

01:41 The Double Win
05:56 The 110 Kilometer Week
08:23 Building Mental Toughness and Confidence
11:16 Training Environment and Culture
14:10 Understanding Open Water Racing
16:35 Transitioning from Pool to Open Water
18:35 Overcoming Shoulder Injury
22:11 Mastering the 6-beat kick
24:54 Learning from a New Coach
26:04 Coaching Others and Sharing Knowledge
30:46 Effective Communication in Coaching: Simplifying Techniques
32:56 5 Different Levels of Speed and Heart Rate Zones
37:34 Challenging Sets and Progression in Swim Training
41:10 Analyzing Training Sets and Building Confidence
44:05 Managing Training Load and Sleep
49:07 Challenges of Transitioning from Running to Swimming
50:34 Exploring Hobbies Beyond Sports
52:52 What's next for Sharon?

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