The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this podcast episode, we hear from Jay Mueller, an emergency doctor who started swimming 16 months ago after injuries led him to take up the sport, as he could no longer run or ride. When Jay first started, he was averaging 2:15-2:30/100m and finding he was exhausted after a few hundred meters. Fast forward to today, where he is consistently swimming between 1:20-1:30 in training, with a personal best of 1:06 in the 100m freestyle. Tune in to learn about his transformation and the lessons he has learned along the way.

00:00 Introduction and Background
4:21 Initial Pace and Improvement
7:21 From Fast Swims to Sustainable Laps
9:38 The Science Behind Shoulder Pain Relief through Static Hangs
15:27 Improving Rotation and Reach
18:22 Strategies for Maintaining Buoyancy and Momentum in the Water
23:15 The Challenges of Learning a New Skill
28:28 Importance of Body Awareness in Swimming Technique
34:09 Drills for Technique Improvement
37:47 Impressive Swimming Progress in a Short Time
38:34 Being Patient and Kind to Yourself

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