The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Hollie Buerckner, an osteopath and swimmer, shares tips on preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries in a podcast episode. She suggests specific exercises to address shoulder issues and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between strength and mobility. Tune in to learn more.

00:00 Introduction
02:38 Understanding Shoulder Injuries in Swimmers
03:25 Four Causes of Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
05:13 Relationship Between Shoulder Pain and Range of Motion
09:51 Effective Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers
14:36 Common Mistakes Leading to Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
18:02 YTA Exercise for Scapular Strength
20:06 High Intensity vs. High Volume Training
22;34 Importance of Addressing Shoulder Pain Early
24:32 Balancing Mobility and Strength Training for Busy Athletes
27:42 The Stubbornness of Swimmers in Dealing with Pain
29:44 Motivation to Take Care of the Body
35:11 Get in touch with Hollie!

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