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Spinsters, Seers, & Succubi: Conversations on Feminism and Progressive Spirituality

Jun 9, 2023

What would the world look like if more men were involved in feminist learning and real transformation?

In this episode, Dr. George talks with a a married couple—Rev. Meghan Mullarkey and Luke Abernathy (a therapist)—about their journey bringing feminist learning and practice to their marriage.

We talk about women being afraid to feel their own anger around patriarchy and men who want to rationalize inequality instead of face it and change it. We discuss how couples can address invisible labor in the home and what these issues have to do with larger systemic realities across gender, race, and class systems.

Luke—as a therapist— reflects on his process of coming to realize the language of therapy often lacks the language of systemic analysis of gender, race, and class. And Meghan names the realities of how much work it is to pretend to be happy instead of dealing with how patriarchy actually effects intimacy, parenting, and partnership.


Books Referenced in the Episode:
Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly AND
Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici 


Courses Referenced in the Episode:
Caliban and the Witch in an Time of COVID-19 AND
Men Learning Feminism at


The show is hosted by Dr. Kimberly B. George, who brings a PhD in Ethnic Studies, an MA in Religious History, and further graduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy. She is a writer, a scholar, and a consultant to organizations seeking bespoke feminist professional education programs. Contact her at

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COVER ART by Nancy Guerrera
MUSIC by Siobhán Shiels
*With special thanks to April Freeman, Susan Crampton Davis, and Nancy Guerrera, whose initial founding sponsorships made this show possible.