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Preserving History and Democracy

Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of Preserving History and Democracy! In this episode, County Clerk Dr. Amanda López Askin, Chief Deputy Clerk Caroline Zamora, and Communications Coordinator Cynthia Mendoza speak to Tina Barton and Justin Smith from the Committee for Safe and Secure Elections. Justin Smith is a former Sheriff of Larimer County, Colorado, with 35 years of law enforcement experience. Tina Barton is a senior Elections Expert with the Elections Group and has over 32 years of government experience serving at the federal, county, and local levels. First, the ladies play a voicemail that Barton received during her time serving as the City Clerk of Rochester Hills in Michigan, WARNING the voicemail is explicit and contains violent and disturbing language unsuitable for children. Then, the ladies talk to Barton and Smith about ways to keep election workers safe, including the five steps to a safer election. Finally, Barton and Smith discuss the importance of a strong relationship with local law enforcement.