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Preserving History and Democracy

Mar 8, 2024

Welcome to the latest installment of "Preserving History and Democracy!" In this episode, we delve into a New Mexico favorite... Chile! Joining Caroline, Cynthia, and Bern, Executive Director of the New Mexico Chile Association, Travis Day, discusses all things Chile. Travis sheds light on the economic and social significance of Chile in Hatch and throughout Doña Ana, along with the impact of the recent drought on the crops. Additionally, Travis highlights how the new wave of Chile farmers are adjusting to labor shortages and shares insights on how the New Mexico Chile Association addresses frauds that market Chile from other states as the New Mexico staple. 

Hosted by: Caroline Zamora, Cynthia Mendoza and Bernardine Caporale 

Special Guest: Travis Day 

Produced by: Cynthia Mendoza, Bernardine Caporale, and Jacob Slaughter

Edited by: Jacob Slaughter

Music Credit: Stadiums by Wonderland