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Preserving History and Democracy

Mar 28, 2024

Welcome to the latest episode of Preserving History and Democracy! In this installment, we explore the realm of probate and the duties linked to the Probate Office. Our special guests are Norma Roberts from the Probate Office and Johnathan Macias, the assistant County Manager of Dona Ana County. Norma explains the intricacies of probate, and Johnathan recounts a personal story that emphasizes the importance of probate in his life. As the episode unfolds, viewers are encouraged to consider their circumstances and take proactive steps towards securing their legacies and ensuring a smooth transition for their loved ones in the future.



Disclaimer: This episode is based on personal experiences and does not offer any legal advice

Hosted By: Cynthia Mendoza and Bernardine Caporale 

Special Guests: Norma Roberts and Johnathan Macias 

Produced By: Cynthia Mendoza, Bernardine Caporale and Jacob Slaughter 

Edited By: Jacob Slaughter

Music: A Beautiful Day- Ramol