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Tell Me How You're Mighty: Real Talk About Cheating

Jun 30, 2023

D-Days -- What you do wish you'd done differently when you discovered your partner was cheating? Many of us had gut instincts to leave immediately, but got tripped up with second-guessing and cheater manipulation. Sarah and Tracy tell their surreal D-Day stories, the good advice they got, and the lousy. One...

Jun 27, 2023

Imagining the unimaginable -- what to do when you suspect cheating. Tracy tells the story how she woke up with another woman's thong stuck to her. And Sarah shares her near miss moving to Devon to "rebuild the marriage." A listener asks if it's possible to gaslight oneself by believing a cheater's lies.

Jun 20, 2023

In this first episode, hosts Sarah Gorrell -- a BBC radio presenter -- and Tracy Schorn -- the writer known as Chump Lady -- discuss how they met, their chump stories, and why the world needs a different infidelity narrative. (Hint: More mightiness, less reconciliation with cheaters.)