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The Off-road Insiders Podcast

Dec 19, 2023


  • Nate

    • SWBCrawler 5000 subs!  And I totally missed it.

    • I may have messed up my shoulder.. Yay

    • And working on a little steel project. 

  • Tammy

    • Poop mess at work today

    • IG AI photo changes


Email from Subscriber in Australia: Jimmy Mac, dropping a line about the Aussie market.


Dec 8, 2023


Tammy - Published a Book on amazon “How to Declutter Your Life -  Step by Step Guide” 


Nate - Spent the week in one of his least favorite places

Brought home a cold

Saw a cool use for a 4Xe at AWS Re:Invent in Vegas

Main Topic

  1. Choose the Right Tent: Select a...