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The Off-road Insiders Podcast

Nov 21, 2023


Tammy - I have been in a major “spring cleaning” with my blog. I started with over 700 posts. Now I am down to about 240. I have been re-organizing and deleting and cleaning up posts. This is in hopes to help with SEO and maybe making some money with my blog. 


nate- Jku is done! 

  • Metalcloak 2.5” dual rate lift

  • Tom Woods front driveshaft

  • QuakeLED RGB undercarriage/rock lights

  • Auxbeam switch panel

  • Front bumper clean-up

  • Attempted winch repair.. Disappointed.. 

  • I have a ridiculous amount of footage to go through.  Video coming.


Main Topic

Off-Road Christmas Gifts for under $100

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3.6 million acres Wyoming National Forest Land being turned into Wilderness area that could be sold to the highest bidder and turned into permitted camping land. The Toyota Garage Podcast interviewed Ben with Blue Ribbon Coalition who is fighting this. 


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Topic: cold weather camping

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