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Transformations with Mark V. Wiley

I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling the globe in search of extraordinary masters of martial arts, energy medicine, and traditional healing and I’ve got amazing stories to tell. 

Many of you know me through my books and articles about martial arts, traditional healers, wellness. These were highly focused publications. But on Transformations I’m going to go deeper and really examine the transformative nature of experience. 

Not only will I share my own stories, I will also feature guests to share their transformative experiences. Some of the topics will include meditation, altered states of consciousness, qigong, martial arts, psychology, trauma, social justice, health, fitness, art, music, and film. 

It’s an examination of the human condition and our search for growth, meaning, and Excellence in Life.

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Aug 3, 2023

Dr. Luke Jih is a Daoist priest, philosopher, master of tai chi and qigong, meditation teacher, and professor of Chinese culture and inter-religious dialogue. Ini this episode we discussed broadly and also deeply on the topics of nature's energy, multiverse, conversion points, sacred writing Dao De Jing, Tibetan Book of the Dead, God's real, Lineage of masters, polytheism, baptism, deconstruction of religious doctrine, mind and body, consciousness, and the collective unconsciousness. 

Taoism #Qigong #TaiChi #Meditation #Jesus #Bible #Taoteching #consciousness

0:00 Introduction

0:47 Meeting a Daoism hermit at age 15 in Taiwan mountains, learning from him, nature's energy

7:36 Daoist Masters, mantra, multiverse, end of world is close, Lord of Universe Church TiendiJiao

12:40 55-Days meditation training, energy entering through the head 

16:05 Mindfulness meditation, microcosmic orbit, divine energy, connecting organs to mother earth energy, cosmic energy, divine energy, Jesus, and Saint energy

19:46 Open beliefs, polytheism, 20 Word Mantra for virtue cultivation and healing

23:02 Sacred writing, Angel Gabriel, Bible, Koran, Buddhist sutra, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Dao De Jing, divine inspiration

25:12 Divine sources to help Humans awaken to higher realms of Universal energy consciousness

26:25 Are all great teachers throughout time reincarnations of one and the same? Gods' realm before the Big Bang

32:24 All cultures have Gods. Different Heavens? Hypnotized to see Jesus, the Divine figure is a manifestation of our belief system, practice, and spiritual path 

37:20 Religious resonation, from Buddhist and Daoist to Christian baptism

49:30 Shopping-cart Catholics, religious synchronicity, Deconstruct sacred teachings

57:27 Confucianism as social philosophy and moral idealism to cultivate virtues

1:01:36 Luke moves to USA for PhD program at Temple U, starts teaching, religion and philosophy, meditation, qigong, tai chi, kung-fu

1:03:51 Tai Chi, Mind and Body, Bodymind, Heat-Mind 

1:06:50 Does Consciousness reside outside the body? Mind is receiver, collective unconsciousness

1:10:04 Dr. Michael Maliszewski kundalini shaktipat, meditation in different realm 


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