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Transformations with Mark V. Wiley

I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling the globe in search of extraordinary masters of martial arts, energy medicine, and traditional healing and I’ve got amazing stories to tell. 

Many of you know me through my books and articles about martial arts, traditional healers, wellness. These were highly focused publications. But on Transformations I’m going to go deeper and really examine the transformative nature of experience. 

Not only will I share my own stories, I will also feature guests to share their transformative experiences. Some of the topics will include meditation, altered states of consciousness, qigong, martial arts, psychology, trauma, social justice, health, fitness, art, music, and film. 

It’s an examination of the human condition and our search for growth, meaning, and Excellence in Life.

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Sep 23, 2023

Grandmaster Dan Medina was first introduced to martial arts with a combination of Judo and the Navy Seal Quick-Kill method. In 1978, he was stationed in Baguio in the Philippines and joined the Black Masters Sphinx Karate Clan of the Philippines and discovered the art of Arnis 63 Generals. He also joined Philippine Martial Arts Studio and studied with Shihan Raynaldo Gingco, a Kyokushin and Kuntaw Instructor.

In 1980, Dan became a student of Grandmaster Narrie Babao learning the arts of Arnis Batangas and Kuntao. From 1984 to 86, Medina mastered the Ocho system and Modern Arnis Ernesto Presas Style under the tutelage of Philip Pabalinas. In 1986, Dan Medina moved to Hawaii and became a disciple of Great Grandmaster Braulio T. Pedoy and his son, Batikan Eduardo J. Pedoy. Currently, Dan is the founder of Majapai and Master of Derobio and Rajah (6thDegree Red & White belt), Florida V.P. for Sphinx Karate & Arnis 63 Generals. With a 3rd Degree in Kobudo, Dan has received a Doctorate for his contributions to the Martial Arts, he also holds an honorary Black Belt for his contributions to the art of Kajukembo by Grand Master Sam Allred. From 2001 to present, G.M. Medina has been inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame, Eastern USA International Blackbelt Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors and World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame. In 2014, Grandmaster Dan Medina has been nominated as a Legendary Figure in the Martial Arts by W.H.F.S.C as well as a Nomination to the Masters Hall of Fame.

0:12 Introduction

1:11 Introduction to FMA in 1978 while stationed in the Philippines. Black Masters Sphinx Karate Clan and Arnis 63 Generals, kuntaw, Kyokushin karate, Jimmy Gales. 5

:09 Dan studies Batangas Arnis and Kuntaw under GM Narrie Babao and Sphinx under Manny Deleon.

9:29 Dan stations in Hawaii, GM Snookie Sanchez, becomes a student of GM Braulio Pedoy in Derobio Escrima.

12:31 Dan meets GM Floro Villabrille, Hawaii Karate Congress, Tournament Competition, saves Greg Alland from being jumped.

20:51 Early interest in kung-fu and training in law enforcement methods.

25:15 Dan becomes an in-demand teacher, and his evolution as such

29:54 Teaching FMA through a progression – pass, check, disarm, lock, counter…

35:52 Big demos is not filmed, but Dan is prepared.

39:29 Dan’s cross training and how he kept the arts distinct

42:49 The stick is not a blade. The methods are different. You react as you train.

48:46 Components of Derobio Escrima, transitioning from weapon to empty-hands, sharp blade demos.

55:33 Counter locks of GM Faustino Ablin and Braulio Pedoy. 

1:00:30 Buy Dan’s book, Secret Art of Derobio Escrima, and proceeds go to help Maui, Hawaii through December 2023.

1:02:52 Majapai meaning, Dan’s methods of FMA

1:08:43 Turning 70 and what the future holds!

GM Medina's Website - GM

Medina's Book -


Brought to you by Tambuli Media