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Transformations with Mark V. Wiley

I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling the globe in search of extraordinary masters of martial arts, energy medicine, and traditional healing and I’ve got amazing stories to tell. 

Many of you know me through my books and articles about martial arts, traditional healers, wellness. These were highly focused publications. But on Transformations I’m going to go deeper and really examine the transformative nature of experience. 

Not only will I share my own stories, I will also feature guests to share their transformative experiences. Some of the topics will include meditation, altered states of consciousness, qigong, martial arts, psychology, trauma, social justice, health, fitness, art, music, and film. 

It’s an examination of the human condition and our search for growth, meaning, and Excellence in Life.

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Aug 6, 2023

Kai Shanti was introduced to the kundalini shaktipat tradition in 1994 when she was 27 years old. Her kundalini was awakened by a shaktipat master and within a few months she was in full manifestation of the Divine Mother. She has since undergone a series of dramatic awakenings that have prepared her to work with others.

Our discussion focused broadly on her life from early trauma and following the Grateful Dead to becoming an exotic dancer, marrying a rock star, and having an out of body experience before meeting her Kundalini Guru, and the unfolding energy and life that followed.

0:00 Introduction

0:51 The current shift of world consciousness

6:04 Kundalini clearing of trauma emotions and a public service announcement

10:52 Kundalini awakening, relived experiences, false awakenings 

11:46 Relatable personal trauma, early life, drug dealing, West Coast hippie scene, modeling, dating rock stars, therapy, Kundalini yoga

21:55 Nashville, Shaktipat, Kundalini Awakening, Divine Mother Kali Ma

23:30 Out of Body experiences, plant medicine, Woodstock LSD 

25:26 Kundalini rising

27:40 Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, Ananda Ma, Baba Muktananda

28:56 Shaktipat kriyas 

30:36 Defining the "ultimate state" experience, the Bliss state, removing veils, love, Grace

34:15 Shiva and Kundalini states, Shiva Shakti Divine Love

35:36 Online Shaktipat, Ecstatic grace group sessions with Kai, trance state

38:21 What is channeling, what is the message, surrendering to God, Shiva, Kali, Jesus, Muktananda 

41:45 Energetic channeling shift, ego drop, seeing as the Divine 

44:10 Individual vs group Shaktipat healing, OOBE Mushroom Experience, All One Consciousness

47:44 Respecting boundaries, money is just a mode of exchange, burn out for nothing

52:00 Feeling and experiencing the energy of a person during a Shakti session

55:52 Playing the harmonium and singing

59:58 Traveling to India in search of a new Guru, God said 'stop it', Shiva said 'Kai is dead' 

1:03:40 Future work, website, possible ashram, family matters, help more people

1:09:05 Moving on from the Guru's nest, love is there, clarity at death 

1:12:19 Youtube, Mooji, affecting lives

1:13:41 closing comments


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