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Your Diabetes Insider Podcast

Jul 3, 2023

Join us in this second podcast episode as we explore a question that often goes unaddressed: Can you truly be happy while living with diabetes? We dive deep into the emotional struggles faced by individuals with diabetes and challenge the prevailing narrative that views this condition as a curse. Get ready to shift your mindset, unleash your true potential, and discover the keys to finding happiness and fulfillment, regardless of the challenges posed by diabetes!


Show notes:

In this podcast episode, we explore the often-overlooked question: Can you genuinely find happiness while living with diabetes? Many individuals with diabetes experience feelings of sadness, depression, and a sense of being cursed by their condition. However, this episode aims to reframe the narrative and consider diabetes as a blessing in disguise….



  • The challenges and mental health struggles faced by people with diabetes.

  • Importance of reframing the narrative and seeing diabetes as an opportunity.

  • Three positive outcomes attributed to the diabetes journey

  • Inspiring examples of individuals with diabetes achieving remarkable feats.

  • Taking control of our lives and steering them in the direction we desire.

Join us in this episode as we explore the possibility of finding happiness, fulfillment, and resilience while living with diabetes. It's time to rewrite the story and discover the strength that lies within each of us!



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