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Your Diabetes Insider Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to this episode of the Your Diabetes Insider Podcast! Today, we're going solo on a topic that's all too familiar to many in the diabetes community. It's the struggle of managing blood sugars during extended physical activities. You know, those times when you feel like you've tried everything, but your blood sugar just won't cooperate, leaving you frustrated and defeated.

In this episode, I’ll delve deep into this issue, breaking down the factors that can affect your blood sugar during prolonged physical activities and, more importantly, sharing practical strategies to help you conquer these challenges.

I recently went on an EPIC hiking adventure in the stunning Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete, Greece. This hike turned out to be longer and more challenging than expected, providing the perfect real-life example of the blood sugar rollercoaster that can accompany extended physical exertion!


Tune in as I share valuable insights on:

- Fueling up your body: Why it's crucial to prepare your body with the right nutrition before, during, and after prolonged activities.

- Insulin adjustments: Understand the importance of adjusting your insulin doses when facing long-duration activities.

- Hydration and electrolytes: Learn why hydration is key and how to stay properly hydrated during extended activities.

- The power of belief: Understand that in the world of diabetes, the power of your mindset can make all the difference.


Join me on this journey as I equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer those extended physical activities, whether it's an epic hike, a marathon, or even moving to a new home! Remember, you have the power to keep your blood sugars in check and reach your goals – no matter how challenging they may seem.



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