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Your Diabetes Insider Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

In this latest episode, join us as we have a conversation with the remarkable Taja, a globe-trotting diabetes advocate, as she opens up about her path from diagnosis to becoming a source of inspiration for diabetics around the globe!

We trace Taja's path from childhood diagnosis to becoming an unwavering source of inspiration for the diabetes community. We delve into her early struggles with acceptance and the game-changing role of the online diabetes community in her life.


Here are the topics discussed in the podcast episode with Taja:

– Taja's journey with diabetes, including her childhood diagnosis and initial struggles with acceptance.

– The role of the online diabetes community in providing support and motivation.

– Challenges and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and nutrition, while traveling internationally.

– Insights into Taja's current life in Costa Rica and how she continues to manage her condition.

– The challenges faced when managing diabetes in a foreign country, including supply shortages and navigating unfamiliar healthcare systems.

– The importance of being well-prepared with extra diabetes supplies when traveling internationally.

– The significance of exercise in managing blood sugar levels.



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