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Jun 29, 2023

Welcome to the Flight For Sight podcast. Join Brian Fischler one of our Inaugural Flight For Sight Grants winners as he travels all over the country this summer and meets with blind and visually impaired people in each city he travels to.


On our first episode of The flight For Sight podcast, Brian sits down with Everett Bacon, Vice-President of Blind Initiatives for Aira. We are so thrilled and thankful for Aira sponsoring our Flight For Sight Grant Winners on their journeys around the world. You can learn more about Aira on their website.


Everett gives us a little background about his life and career, and how he ended up at Aira. He then tells us what his role as the Vice-President of Blind Initiatives will entail.


Along with his new role at Aira, Everett is also the Secretary of the NFB. We find out how he plans to manage both roles at the upcoming NFB Conference in Houston. By the way, Brian and Ed will be in Houston from July 2nd to the 5th.


Brian then discusses the goals of his Flight For Sight travel, and gets Everett’s thoughts about transistor radio MLB games being delayed in a lot of stadiums, so that blind people cannot listen in real time.


Having grown up in Dallas, Everett suggests what to check out in Dallas, and gives some advice to Brian about attending his first ever NFB Conference.


Everett then tells us what he hopes to accomplish in his new role at Aira.


Flight For Sight would like to extend a very special thanks to being a sponsor of our Inaugural Grant winners.


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