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Jul 18, 2023

It’s an all new Flight For Sight podcast. Brian and Ed sit down with Mike May at the National Federation of the Blind 2023 Conference in Houston, Texas.


Mike discusses using the Good Maps app to get around the Conference and find places of interest in Houston. Mike tells us a little about his career involvement with accessible navigation. Mike then tells us about some of the exciting changes coming to Good Maps Outdoors.


Mike then lets us know what he likes about coming to conferences like the NFB and Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We discuss what products at this year’s NFB have excited Mike.


We discuss the current 15 to 30 second delay from real time that is occurring on AM/FM radios at Major League Baseball games. At the 2023 NFB Conference a resolution was passed targeting this delay. You can read about the resolution and all the NFB resolutions passed at this year’s conference here.


We then find out why Mike is now consulting with Flight for Sight.


Mike then explains the concept of the power of getting un-lost.


Mike fills us in on his upcoming travels  which are fairly extensive.


If you would like to read Brian’s recap about Ed and Brian’s entire time in Houston, a recap of the NFB Conference, the Astros game, and more, you can read it here.


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