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Aug 31, 2023

It’s an all new Flight for Sight podcast. This episode was recorded live from the Old Town Tavern and Grill in Denver as a large group of blind and visually impaired people got together to break bread, and discuss living in Denver. Since we recorded live at the Old Town Tavern, you will get to hear all the fun background noise.


The interview starts off with Debra Schultz discussing her vision situation, and her families history with RP. Debra then tells us about her Flight for Sight pitch and what she wanted to do on her journey, and her Blog, Adventures of A White Cane. Debra tells us about her recent trip to Alaska.


Next up is Debra’s son, Alex Schultz who tells us what it is like to be one of the few sighted people around this big group of blind people.


Amy Lee, a fellow Rper tells us why she loves living in Denver. She then tells us about Dragon Boating. Amy then tells us about the group she runs called You Don’t Look Blind. We then talk different styles of canes.


Next up is Diane Verhayden  and she shares with us the frustration of not being properly diagnosed with a vision loss for most of her life.


Jamie Lee is one of the other leaders of the group you Don’t Look Blind. Jaime tells us what working as a Beyond vision skills trainer does.


Jamie’s husband, Robert E. Lee is up next and he tells us what it was like growing up with RP, and how he now helps people with a recent diagnosis.


Andrea Brandies tells us about growing up blind, and spending some years as a Nun. Andrea tells us about lobbying for blind causes in Washington D.C. and how it led to a job. Andrea then tells us about her Flight for Sight application.


We then sit down with Barbara Belinski who was nice enough to invite Brian to stay with her while visiting Denver. They discuss the interesting experiences that arise when taking ride shares with a service dog.


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