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Sep 8, 2023

It’s another all new Flight for Sight podcast. Brian sat down with Allison and T.J. Meloy in Cincinnati, Ohio during his last stop on part one of his Flight for Sight journey


Since Brian was staying with his friends, he first gets some feedback on how he is as a houseguest.


We find out from both TJ and Allison what it is like to be a blind couple.


We then discuss going to the Reds game.


We then find out what both TJ and Allison enjoy about living in Oxford, Ohio.


Allison and TJ then tell us what they enjoy about going to catch a Reds game in person.


We then talk about the frustration of the radio delay at the ballpark and even worse, the streaming radio delay from real time action.


We then get a sneak peak in to what Brian’s Journey of Flight for Sight Part Two might look like.


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