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Sep 22, 2023

It’s an all new Flight for Sight podcast as Brian sits down with Eliana Mason, a fellow Flight for Sight travel grant winner. Eliana was fresh off her trip to England and other parts of Europe.


Eliana starts off telling us about her vision situation and how she went blind.


Eliana then tells us about her and her teammate Marybai's initial pitch to Flight for Sight. We then discuss why mental health is so important.


Eliana and Marybai’s trip was centered around a deep passion of theirs, goalball. Eliana gives us an explanation of what goalball is all about. You can check out Flight for Sight’s YouTube Channel here.


We then discuss how it was traveling to England and around Europe as someone who is blind. There were a few adventures. Eliana tells us how Flight for Sight sponsor Aira was helpful on her and Marybai’s journey.


Eliana then tells us about the IBSA World Games Goalball qualifier in England that she was competing in.


She then tells us what she wanted to accomplish on her Flight for Sight journey. 


After England, it was off to Italy to teach goalball to kids. We then discuss the sightseeing Eliana got to do while in Europe. Eliana gives us a fantastic explanation of the differences she experiences traveling as a totally blind individual compared to how Marybai travels as someone with low vision.


We then discuss how social media played a role in Eliana and Marybai’s Flight for Sight journey.


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