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Happy Sad Confused

Mar 26, 2019

How did Colin Farrell, the former notorious bad boy of the 2000s turn into the wholesome star of "Dumbo"? It's been a long strange for Colin and he opens up about it all with Josh on this episode of "Happy Sad Confused".    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Mar 19, 2019

Oscar Isaac might seem like the busiest actor working today but don't cry for him, he's actually on a break, and luckily for us he's taking a break from that break to catch up with Josh about his new Netflix movie, "Triple Frontier"! Plus, Oscar and Josh talk everything from "Star Wars" and "X-Men" to his next gig in...

Mar 13, 2019

Ricky Gervais joins Josh to ponder the great mysteries of the universe: life, death, whether you'd rather be two feet shorter or taller, all the important stuff. Plus Ricky talks about his new Netflix series, "After Life"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Mar 1, 2019

Nina Dobrev stops by "Happy Sad Confused" to talk her new CBS sitcom, "Fam", and have a little tequila! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit