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Happy Sad Confused

Apr 29, 2020

Put on your tux and prepare your best martini (shaken, NOT stirred): Paul Feig is the guest on this week's Happy Sad Confused and he's obsessed with 007. Listen as he and Josh take a deep dive into Paul's favorite comfort movie, the first James Bond film to star Daniel Craig. Learn more about your ad choices....

Apr 22, 2020

Damon Lindelof is a nerd after our own heart so of course he's on the podcast this week to talk about a comfort movie Josh firmly approves of, "The Last Starfighter"! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Apr 15, 2020

She's been on the "Happy Sad Confused" bucket list for some time and finally we're thrilled to say Cate Blanchett is on the show! The two time Oscar winner joins Josh to discuss her amazing performance in the new FX on Hulu series, "Mrs. America" plus her favorite comfort movie, Bi Gan's "Long Day's Journey Into...

Apr 8, 2020

Movies don't come with a bigger bolder concept than "what if Peter Pan grew up?". The finished film certainly worked for Logan Lerman as he joins Josh to discuss his comfort movie, "Hook"! From Maggie Smith's mysterious age to Rufio, Josh and Logan cover it all in this deep dive! Learn more about your ad choices....