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Mar 28, 2024

The creators of 3 BODY PROBLEM know something about scrutinized book to screen adaptations. David Benioff & D.B. Weiss (GAME OF THRONES) and Alexander Woo (TRUE BLOOD) join Josh to talk about their complex audacious new series, their sci-fi influences, their favorite character deaths and that GAME OF THRONES ending.

Mar 22, 2024

It may seem like Sydney Sweeney just came out of nowhere in the last few years but she's been putting in the work for a long time. She talks about it all with Josh, from her humble beginnings in Spokane to SHARP OBJECTS to Emmy nominated turns in EUPHORIA and THE WHITE LOTUS and now with films she's helping create...

Mar 14, 2024

Mark Wahlberg's journey is a remarkable one and he's here to tell the tale, from music to movies, from BOOGIE NIGHTS to THE DEPARTED, from chaos to being a family man. He chats with Josh about it all here including his new film, ARTHUR THE KING.


ZocDoc -- Go to ⁠⁠ and...

Mar 11, 2024

Michael Keaton knows a thing or two about directing -- after all he's been directed by the best, from Ron Howard to Tim Burton to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Now he's directing himself in KNOX GOES AWAY and chatting with Josh about all of it, including the long-awaited BEETLEJUICE sequel, his time in the SPIDER-MAN...

Mar 7, 2024

After nearly 20 years of being a go to indie stalwart (with some blockbusters like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES thrown in for good measure), Juno Temple is certainly having a moment thanks to the 1-2 punch of TED LASSO and FARGO. Here she chats with Josh about all of it plus why she really just wants to be in a horror film!