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Happy Sad Confused

Jan 11, 2017

In his eleven seasons on “Saturday Night Live,” Fred Armisen appeared in over 800 sketches, proving to be the most versatile oddball utility player the storied late night show could hope for. Since leaving the show in 2013, rather than setting his sights on film, as many of his fellow ex-SNL-ers have, Armisen has found a groove on TV. His Peabody winning show, “Portlandia” has just entered it’s 7th season on IFC. That channel is also home to his deliciously specific documentary spoof series, “Documentary Now”. And most nights you can find him leading the band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. All of these busy jobs come up on this week’s conversation on “Happy Sad Confused” but you may delight most in the tangents. From Armisen’s lamenting the end of the nerd era to his creepy plans for his own funeral (he plans to have his tombstone read “Buried Alive. 666”), it’s all uniquely Fred. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit