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Wild Things & Wild Places

Jul 25, 2023

Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project doctoral student Rebekah Rafferty joins the Wild Things & Wild Places podcast. In this episode Rebekah is going to take us into her world of mortality investigations with Wyoming's iconic Mule Deer herd. Rebekah’s research unfolds a powerful and heart-wrenching story about the tragic winter that befell Wyoming's wildlife, painting a vivid picture of the struggles and resilience of the iconic Mule Deer herd during those challenging times.

Rebekah Rafferty, a dedicated and passionate doctoral student, has immersed herself in the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project, aiming to unravel the intricate relationship between Wyoming's iconic Mule Deer herd and its habitat. Her tireless efforts and innovative approaches have shed light on the challenges the herd faces, particularly during harsh winters like this last winter and in the face of environmental changes. Rebekah's invaluable work not only contributes to the preservation of the Mule Deer population but also offers critical insights into the delicate balance between wildlife and their ever-evolving ecosystems in Wyoming.

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