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Les is the founder and host of Balanced Black Girl, an online wellness community and podcast focused on health, wellness, and self-care from the perspectives of Black women. She started her first blog The Balanced Berry in 2014 to share her love of fitness and nutrition with others. After years of feeling dissatisfied with the lack of diversity in wellness content shared on large platforms, she pivoted to create Balanced Black Girl in 2018. Balanced Black Girl provides content and experiences empowering millennial Black women to live their healthiest lives. 

While this conversation is mostly focused on the business side of Balanced Black Girl, we of course also cover some great wellness topics and strategies that might inspire YOU to create more sacred spaces in your own life. And what I really love about this conversation is that even if you aren’t a content creator, podcast host, or online personality, the lessons that Les speaks on are universal. As Les shares in this conversation, “Wellness is a constant dance.”

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