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My friend Grace is on the podcast with me today.

If you missed episode 89, we spoke about fitness, food, being vegan in the military and more, so make sure you check that out to get the background on Grace.

That being said, today we’re talking about DEBT. 

A few years back, Grace and I were hiking together and she shared with me that she had recently paid off all of her credit card debt. As someone on my own financial wellness journey, I was so interested to hear what strategies she used and how long it took her. We ended up talking about it for so long, that when I started the Money Series, I knew I had to ask Grace to come back on the podcast to share her own story. 

This episode is full of such valuable insight from Grace about debt, building your credit, and home ownership. But what I love about this episode is that it’s so relatable. Grace’s debt didn’t come from a lack of income; her debt grew over time due to predatory credit card companies, lack of education around credit payments, and subtle overspending.

Check out the blog post for this episode

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