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Today on the podcast, I have Jay McPherson: a vegan content creator and YouTuber who calls himself “your favorite friendly fashionable vegan.” We’re here for a high energy conversation about finding inspiration to go vegan, the need for more vegan breakfast spots, and how to be confidently vegan anywhere you go. 

I love this conversation with Jay because it hits on SO many important points of getting comfortable living a vegan lifestyle. If you love hearing the guest stories of what inspired them to go vegan, you’re gonna love Jay’s answer: “If Beyonce can go vegan, I can too!” And while it starts off with a laugh, we talk about how at the end of the day, when it comes to making healthy life changes, ‘inspiration is inspiration’ and everyone needs to find their own source.

So many people I talk to say that fear of missing out on social events, family gatherings, and food as culture is what holds them back from a vegan lifestyle, and Jay is such a great representative of what being a confident, fulfilled, social vegan can look like. He gives some amazing tips on how to eat out when there’s no vegan option, how to prepare for family holidays and parties with friends, and how having the right outlook on social gatherings is crucial to remaining happy as a vegan.

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