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If you want to hear from a seriously multi-talented (I’m talking singing, acting, cooking, and more!) person about living vegan–this episode is for you! 

Today on the podcast I have Joi Liayé (@veganwithjoi) here to share her vegan story, inspirations, and about her life in Los Angeles pursuing her passions.

Joi Liayé is a vegan actress and singer from Detroit, MI and is based in Los Angeles. She also hosts the talk show, The Vegan View on Youtube with episodes airing every Monday. She began her vegan journey gradually over the years by removing meat out of her diet in high school, becoming a pescatarian and ultimately becoming vegan in 2011.She shares her love for vegan food and lifestyle on her instagram Vegan With Joi. She is passionate about uplifting people in her community, specifically young girls and women. 

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