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The Fall Line: True Crime

Nov 15, 2023

Season 16 of The Fall Line takes on our most in-depth John and Jane Doe coverage yet: 22 files from MNPD’s cold-case unit, all covering the metro area’s unidentified decedents. More than ever, your help is needed to spread the word about each of the cases featured this season, and if you have any information—please, contact MNPD at 615-862-7803. 

Episode Two covers the cases of eight John Does, many of whom are believed to have been unhoused at the times of their deaths; at least two of these unidentified decedents may be homicide victims, and that number could be higher. But all of the people  whose cases are covered in this episode are lost, in that they have been disconnected from their identities, and thus their loved ones—whether they were missing in the months before their deaths, or for much longer. 

Flyers for the season will be posted under “news” on our website and on our social media. 

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